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Maryam Slaymeh..a little poet with a big dream

The young Syrian girl, Maryam Slaymeh, dazzled her family and school surroundings with her talent for writing thoughts and composition.

Her family seeks, through attention, follow-up, and encouragement to reading to develop her talent in writing poetry, especially her mother, who noticed her talent two years ago and worked to encourage her by acquiring collections of stories and poetry that fit her perceptions and the result was a lovely  poem.

Maryam is an 11-year-old student in the fifth grade of primary school. Her interest in reading and writing began when she was following children's  magazines such as “Osama,Shama and Stories for Children” With literary, scientific and historical themes.Maryam says: I love poetry, I read school poems, and do some writing  that may not only concern humans, but inanimate objects or other creatures, because I am still learning and building my language - I am still in the stage of building my first vocabulary.Undoubtedly, when I reach high school and learn metrics, rhymes, rhetoric, and poems of all ages, I will soar into a broader poetic space..

And Maryam, a beautiful - talented girl, has a dream and an ambition to become an astronaut in the future.

Lama razzouk