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200 families of Army martyrs honored in Damascus

In appreciation of the sacrifices of the martyrs of the Syrian Arab Army in defense of the Homeland, 200 families of the Army martyrs were honored  on Saturday during a ceremony held for this purpose in Damascus.

The honoring ceremony was organized by Damascus Governorate in coordination with the Directorate for the Martyrs, the Wounded and the Missing Affairs at the Ministry of Defense.

National songs glorifying martyrs and  martyrdom were presented by talented youths representing the project "Bukra Elna" ( Tomorrow Belongs to Us).

In statements to SANA, several families expressed their pride in the sacrifices of their sons, stressing that these sacrifices have paved the way for victory over the enemies of the homeland and of humanity.


Head of the Directorate of the martyrs, the wounded and the missing affairs, Maj. Gen. Bassam Barri affirmed that honoring the martyrs' families means honoring every honest Syrian citizen. He pointed out that the sacred blood of the martyrs is a trust that should make us work hard to complete the martyrs' mission of leading the country towards security and stability.

Damascus Governor Adel Olabi, on his part, said that the martyrs' families are heroes like their sons, because they have provided an example to follow by all in patriotism, steadfastness and patience.

Hamda Mustafa