One of the largest Christmas Caves opens in Syria

Damascus (ST): With the beginning of the celebrations of the birthday of Jesus Christ, the messenger of love and peace, and amid a popular and religious festive atmosphere, the Greek Orthodox Church of St. Elias Al-Gheyyor in Al-Duwayla opened yesterday, one of the largest Christmas caves in Syria, covering an area of 400 square meters.


The cave, made of cardboard, wood and tree branches, embodies the holy city of Bethlehem, which witnessed the birth of Jesus Christ, and includes models representing the stages of Christmas.

The opening of the cave was accompanied by a scout band playing and there was a church ceremony too. Archimandrite Elias Habib, the pastor of St. Elias Church of the Greek Orthodox, spoke about the lofty meanings of the glorious Christmas and the message of light, love and humanity preached by Christ so that peace and brotherhood prevail in the whole world.

Habib considered  the opening ceremony of the cave as a message to the whole world that Syria victorious over the enemies of humanity, was and will remain a land of love and peace, from which light came out to permeate the world, pointing out that the completion of the cave took about 50 days of work and consumed about eight thousand plates of paper and a large amount of wood and tree branches.