Retired wounded officer of the Syrian Arab Army invents agricultural and industrial equipment

With much patience, strong will and hope, the wounded personnel of the Syrian Arab Army have managed to overcome the challenges resulted from their injuries in order to become active members in their society .

After completing his military service as an engineer officer in the Syrian Arab Army, the wounded soldier Abdel Rahim Suleiman was able to establish his own project on inventing  agricultural and industrial  tools by recycling waste, benefiting from his experience and study of mechanical engineering.

"I did not allow my injuries  to stop me from continuing my life, so I managed to make use of my study in the field of mechanical engineering as I have  a masters degree in metallurgy” Sulieman told SANA.

 The 50-year-old  retired wounded soldier added “I have manufactured and developed agricultural and household tools and machines, using copper and tin sometimes. In addition, I have manufactured a hand plow.

Suleiman, who is from the village of Al-Dalia in the Jableh countryside in Lattakia,  indicated that he devised a mechanism for extracting olive and  laurel oil and for making soap and dried figs, stressing  that he sells his innovations to the people of the village at low  prices.

Rawaa Ghanam