My School is My Home” initiative at Al-Shanbour School in Tartous

With the aim of enhancing the participation of adolescents and youth in activities, and to re enforce their capabilities and role in society, the youth of “Amal” project implemented “My School is My Home” initiative at Martyr Ali Ahmed Al-Shanbour School in Tartous, where Rima Nader, who is behind the initiative, explained the importance of implementing the initiative by the young people of “Amal” project and their keenness to decorate and beautify their school through volunteering and participating in painting the school’s exterior wall, restoring a number of drawings in the courtyard and decorating it again, in addition to participation of a number of volunteer painters in the activity.

In turn, Eman Al-Hassan, director of the Martyr Ali Ahmed Al-Shanbour School, pointed out that the initiative was carried out by the youth of Amal Project, which is entitled (My School is My Home), noting that the selection of young students for their school is evidence of their love for the school and their desire to re-beautify it through their cooperation in the work of the initiative.

The young students participating in the initiative (Maram Hassan, Sarah Hammoud, Areej and Lujain Hussein and Rand Hassan) expressed their happiness to volunteer in this work, which reflects the spirit of cooperation within one team and enhances their capabilities.


Lama razzouk