(Shams Al Shamousa)… is a dried fruits project for a lady in Sweida

Young  Kinda Riad Al-Halabi has carried out a small project to dry various kinds of fruits manually inside her home in the city of Sweida, depending on the sunlight without using an oven and preservatives.
She started to carry out her project last year after her successful experience during the past years in drying the fruit to get a healthy product instead of sugar, and she called the project "Shams Al Shamosa"
This project, which was funded by the United Nations Development Program (UNDP), has developed gradually. So Mrs. Al-Halabi recently created a glass room on the roof of the house to protect the fruits she had dried from moisture and dust.  
She has followed a course in managing projects and market products to achieve her goal.
Mrs. Al-Halabi buys good fruits from the markets and farmers, then she washes, peels and cuts them to get the right shape in preparation to put them on the roof for drying.
She prepares various types of dried fruits, such as figs, apples, peaches, pears, berries, apricots, peaches, and grapes, in attractive shapes. She dries fruits from the end of May until October, and during the rest of the year she sells and markets the products via social media.
Mrs. Al-Halabi meets the hygienic conditions of production, and she provided two job opportunities for people who help her. She seeks to expand her project by creating a large workshop for drying fruits in foreign markets.
She finds pleasure in carrying out her project because it supports promoting the health benefits of natural products and helps her to get money. This pushes her forwards to produce new varieties for the market.
Kinda's husband, Mr. Samer Falhout said that he encourages and helps her through working with her, funding and marketing her products.  He stressed the importance of her project to show her skills as an active woman in society.
Lara Khouli