1200 beneficiaries of youth empowerment courses in Aleppo..

The Director of Social Affairs and Labor in Aleppo, Saleh Barakat, confirmed that the number of beneficiaries of the Youth Empowerment Center courses is about / 1200 /, pointing out that the courses focused on career guidance, support for entrepreneurship and vocational training in cooperation with / UNDP /, where important technical services are provided to those looking for A job opportunity, whether for university graduate students, or for professionals by qualifying them and empowering them with the expertise necessary to enter the labor market.

He added that the directorate is currently in the process of setting up training workshops in cooperation with the European Institute for Qualifying Individuals, enabling them to master professions and crafts, and putting them in the labor market.

The Director of Social Affairs and Labor indicated that this year, Al-Amal Institute for Movement and Intellectual Disabilities was renovated and rehabilitated to launch its educational services at the beginning of next year, after it was sabotaged by armed terrorist gangs, and it did not stop providing its educational services to children with motor disabilities from the age of (6 to 12 years old). ) for the two stages: kindergarten and primary, in addition to children with mental disabilities through the provision of mental training programs and physical therapy and pronunciation sessions.

And he indicated that about three months ago, a new mechanism was followed in the pursuit of beggars and homeless by the police, to  transfer them to the judiciary.

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