Cultural festivity in Lattakia to mark World Children’s Day

Under the title “Childhood is the Joy of the Earth” , the Child Culture  Directorate of  the ministry of Culture organized a festivity in cooperation with the directorates of cultures in several governorates marking the World Children’s Day.

Artistic, cultural and recreational activities were  hosted by the Children’s Public Library Association at Dar Al-Assad for Culture in Lattakia, with the participation of about 300 children with disabilities and school dropouts. 

Director of Culture in Lattakia Majd Sarem  said in a statement to the Syriatimes e-newspaper that “the cultural festivity  is characterized by the active participation of NGOs  through a series of artistic and musical workshops and dance performances, in addition to focusing on awareness-raising activities targeting parents and how to deal with children with disabilities to integrate them into society.

The two-days festivity  included  carrying out  workshops on collective drawing,  handicrafts and origami for children by the Culture Team for  Building  Life Skills  in  Lattakia . 

Head of the team   Mrs. Amal Tobal stressed  to Syriatimes the importance of the celebration, which provided an opportunity for  children to learn new types of art ,  express  their  skills and integrate with their companions in various activities which enhance their self- confidence and motivate them  to  develop their skills. 

Mays El-Desouky, Executive Director of  the Children's Public Library Association, said: In cooperation with the Directorate of Culture, “ Mahmoud Al-Ajjan Conservatory of Music “   and the Life Skills Building Team, we carried out  various interactive activities , including drawing, acting , singing , dancing, recycling , origami artworks and performing  puppet theater.

She added that a medical symposium was held under the title “ My Son’s health is a wealth ” , indicating that in cooperation with Al-Qabbani Group for theatre arts the children turned the symposium into a play and performed it to raise awareness about the importance of adherence to health rules which is the first of its kind.

On his part,  Chairman of the Board of Directors of the Children's Public Library Association Iyad Hussein told Syriatimes  that the library seeks throughout the year to carry out  educational, health and recreational activities in cooperation with civil or governmental bodies, stressing  these developmental activities target children and aim to develop   their talents in all fields, encourage them  and direct  them  to the right way because  Syria’s hope is  the new generation to build  their countries.  

AL-Dasuky pointed out that the children  symbolized their rights through their paintings including the rights to live, learn, play and  live  within a family in a healthy environment.  

She stressed that the festivity  is unique and important  because it gives hope to children after the nine-year war in their country , indicating that the children’s families  are eager to do anything for children to remind them of their innocent world , develop  their talents  and support their psychological needs. 

A number of children expressed their happiness to participate in the various activities .  Zubaida Razzo, , who has a disability  participated in drawings related to the title of the festivity, hoping that the children would achieve their dreams and aspirations. 

Likewise, the thirteen-year  Ali Zalloukh,  who returned to school  thanks to the integrated education program,  expressed  his happiness to participate in the activities of the event and his determination to complete his education to become an engineer and contribute to building Syria.

According to  Souad Bayazid, the event is an important platform for children to meet and introduce their talents. She hopes to become a doctor to contribute to  taking care of the children's health and live  in security and love. 

Interviewed by : Rawaa Ghanam

Photos by : Rawaa Ghanam