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Honoring the top three students in the Russian prose competition

To strengthen the Syrian-Russian educational relations, the Russian Ministry of Education honored the students who won the first three places in the Russian prose competition “Jeevaya Classica”.

The director of the Russian Center at the University of Damascus and the competition coordinator in Syria, Svetlana Rudyghina, said in a statement to SANA that 40 students from several Syrian governorates participated in the competition. The three winners will be nominated for the international competition in which students from 85 countries will participate. It will be organized this year via the Internet due to the circumstances imposed by the Corona pandemic.


The first instructor of the Russian language course Engineer Bassam Tawil, said that this honor strengthens the friendly relations and educational ties between Syria and Russia and constitutes an incentive and encouragement for students, pointing out that the three students are from Lattakia schools. 

The first and second place students were granted a free entertainment trip to Russia as a reward for them within the “My Greetings  to Russia” program. The student who came in third place got the opportunity to free of charge “online” participate in the Russian School of Art and Acting.


Inas Abdulkareem