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The Ministry of Information launches the special and first screening of the movie ( Wounded)

Damascus (ST): The Ministry of Information launched a special screening of the new feature film " Wounded", which narrates the heroic deeds and sacrifices of the Syrian Arab Army during the terrorist war on Syria, at the opera stage of Al-Assad House for Culture and Arts.

The film produced by the TV Production Directorate at the General Corporation for Radio and Television, written by Qamar Al-Zaman Alloush and directed by Naji To'meh, shows in two hours the heroic deeds and sacrifices of the Syrian Arab Army during the terrorist war on our country, which has been going on for ten years, and depicts the Syrians' rallying behind their army and their belief in the inevitability of victory over terrorism.

Information Minister Imad Sarah said in a statement to reporters after the screening of the film "Whatever we offer to the Syrian Arab Army in the drama, it is little in comparison with its tremendous sacrifices for the sake of Syria’s dignity and sovereignty, so we strive to be up to the responsibility."

Minister Sarah added that we now have three works on the Syrian Arab Army: The work of Najdat Anzour produced by the Radio and Television Production Directorate and is in progress and the work accomplished by Basil Al-Khatib  "Until the end  of  my life” and the work presented today, “ Wounded” by Naji Tou'me, explaining that the three works aim to highlight the sacrifices made by the Syrian Arab Army for the sake of Syria, but they differ in the dramatic treatment. The film “For the Last Life” focuses on the army’s battles in defense of this soil, while the second work  “You are wounded” highlights the human stories of the Syrian Arab soldier who does not fight only on the fronts, but he has stories of his own, such as love and social crises, but he always goes beyond them. Minister Sarah  went on to say that the character of Umm Ghassan embodies the mother in the Syrian family, who has also been exposed to many problems, calamities and pains, but has not been broken.

Scriptwriter Alloush, explained that everything with his being as a writer and a Syrian is linked to the war that we have suffered from for years, indicating the necessity of tackling our brave soldiers' human side and their lives away from the hustle and bustle of battles and fighting in defense of their homeland, believing that this war wants to usurp everything nice in our lives, but they continued to fight with exploits and sacrifices that sometimes reached the level of legend, expressing his satisfaction over the production of the film that was identical to the text and presenting the Syrian women with their strength and steadfastness.

Among the heroes of the film, actress  Nadine Khoury saw that the great attendance at the premiere of the film despite the circumstances is an important indication of people's interest in this kind of cinema, noting that the role she played as a martyr's mother is a great honor. Actor Bilal Martini explained that he had  previous experience as a soldier, so he tried to separate the two roles and present the new one this time based on showing the human side in the soldier’s life because war dramas are dedicated to the army and war. As for this work, there was a human dimension in terms of home, family, beloved, kindness and influence, the tremendous pain of the Syrians during the war and the struggle of the Syrians until they reached the rightful place for them.