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The Film "Curiosity" by wounded director Bilal Haider wins an award at the Digital Gate International Film Festival in Algeria

Homs, (ST) - Director Bilal Haider(wounded from the war on Syria) won the committee's special prize at the Digital Gate International Film Festival2021, held by the Ministry of Culture and Arts in Algeria, for his short fictional film "Curiosity".

Director Haider explained to SANA that his five-minute film discusses existential issues with a philosophical dimension and in black and white. He pointed out that hundreds of films were submitted to participate in this award, as the committee selected about 30 films to compete in the festival that was held virtually where the distinguished ones were selected and awarded prizes.

Haider, who is currently preparing for the movie "Siphon", has directed three fictional films and one documentary film. He is a theater and cinematic director and a member of the Arab Society for Culture and Media. He has several participations in the national theater as an actor, including"Harvest Nights", "Hamlet", "The Coat" and "Tornot". He also participated in directing the film "Noun Alif" and the documentary "Our Beautiful Language".

The 36-year-old director who  lost an eye in the fight against terrorism resolved to continue with his second eye to discover new visions in the field of cinematography.

It is noteworthy that the movie "Curiosity" was written and directed by Haider and represented by Donia Khadr, Lara Amor, Zainab Musa, Mayar Merhej, Raymond Kabron, Moutayem Nasser and the child Muhammad.


Amal Farhat