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Students return to 77 schools in Eastern Ghouta, a scene which terrorism attempted to hinder for years

Although restoration and rehabilitation of damaged schools is still continuing, students of Eastern Ghouta towns have returned to their schools, a scene that terrorism tried to hinder for years.

The terrorists ’crimes in the town before its liberation did not prevent the teachers from bringing in the Ministry’s books and teaching its curricula. Despite the risks they were exposed to, they insisted on continuing their work and fulfilling their mission.

The assistant director of Al-Mlaiha Secondary School for Girls, Maysa Al-Adamah, told SANA that after the liberation of Ghouta, thanks to the Syrian Arab Army, the teachers encouraged their colleagues to return as soon as possible to their schools.


Teacher Marwa Al-Khalaf points out that the students ’passion for their return to their classrooms and their insistence on continuing the path of knowledge further pushed them to continue carrying out their mission, which terrorist groups have always tried to stop during the years of their spread in the regions of Ghouta.

The students expressed their happiness that their schools were equipped, restored and decorated to erase any traces of terror that affected their schools.

Since the liberation of the towns of Eastern Ghouta in 2018 and the return of security and safety to them, the Ministry of Education, according to the supervisor of the Eastern Ghouta Educational Complex, Khaled Al-Souda, has begun to repair schools in a rapid way to provide an appropriate educational environment for the returning students.

Al-Souda indicated that, in cooperation with the local community and international organizations, the Ministry sought to restore the largest possible number of schools. So that the restored schools now reached 77 out of 130 schools distributed in the Eastern Ghouta Educational Complex.

Al-Soda said that the educational process today in the towns of Eastern Ghouta is progressing well and witnessing the return of a large number of  students with the efforts of teachers who insist on continuing to carry out their work. 

Inas Abdulkareem