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An initiative to redecorate schools and educational facilities in Daraa

A number of schools and educational facilities in Daraa are witnessing an initiative to beautify these buildings by drawing paintings bearing ideas of an educational and indicative nature.


The initiative was launched by the Syriac “Mar Ephrem” organization, Daraa branch. The initiative began, according to its supervisor  plastic artist Saad Shawky, from Daraa Girls School and moved to Daraa Colleges building. The  next stages will include facilities, schools and directorates concerned with the educational and university sector.




مبادرة لتجميل مدارس ومنشآت تعليمية في درعاShawky emphasized that the initiative aims at redecorating  universities and schools by drawing instructional paintings and at the same time encouraging work and studying for a better future, pointing out that the initiative will continue until filling the empty spaces in educational facilities.


The participants expressed their happiness with this awareness-raising initiative, underlining the importance of expanding participation to fill the empty spaces in educational facilities with artistic and instructional paintings.


Inas Abdulkareem