Wounded Syrian Army Personnel defy injuries and achieve success stories

Despite all the hard circumstances and difficulties they faced in life,  the  wounded Syrian army  personnel  managed to  prove  that their  injuries can never stop them from being active in society. 

With  strong will, patience , challenge  and unlimited  determination , a group of wounded Syrian  Army  Personnel   overcame their injuries  and  agreed to launch a small project and managed to open a workshop . 

“The  idea started years ago when a group of the wounded  Syrian Army Personnel and Supported Forces  decided to carry out entertaining  activities that enhance communication between them in Banias city. Later, the idea was  developed   to establish  a team  called  “ Lamet Hob and Wafa”  ( A Gathering of Love  and Loyalty), to embody the spirit of love  and  loyalty which  united them”  the founder of the team  the wounded Ali Hormuz told SANA.


The team  , according to the founder,  established a small workshop  that does not need a big capital to manufacture and display wooden  decorative works  . The workshop  provided job opportunities for  a group of wounded Syrian Army personnel  and  secured an  income for them. 

Hormuz  indicated that  the workshop began with seven wounded men who spent their time producing  wooden pieces , stressing that work is continuing to develop this  project, which is still in its early stages.

The injury of  Bashar Freiha in his eyes does not allow him to accomplish delicate work because his vision is weak, but he helps his teammates with sales operations.  

On his part,   Bassem Youssef, one of the team members,  who suffers from the loss of his lower limb , stressed  the work he  carries out in the workshop  is not impeded by  his health condition .

According to  Youssef  he uses in his work two types of industrial and natural wood from which he makes some household decorations, paintings and  gifts.

Team members ,who have mobilized  their own skills  each according to his  ability, hope that their project achieves more  success  and receives  more support  to be developed. 

Rawaa Ghanam