Two strong-willed wounded soldiers defy their injuries and launch their own project

Despair and surrender can never penetrate brave hearts and strong willed persons. The wounded personnel of the Syrian Arab Army are best examples of strong determination and defiance despite all the difficulties they face in life.

Hakem Nabhan and Mohammad Al-Salman are two wounded soldiers who were discharged from military service because of their injuries during battles with terrorists but strongly insisted to continue to be active in society. 

The two heroes agreed on implementing a small project and managed to open a workshop for sewing clothes in one of the neighborhoods liberated from terrorism in Aleppo. 

The project, which was made possible thanks to the support provided to them by the “Jareeh Watan” (the homeland wounded) program, has provided job opportunities to a number of other discharged wounded soldiers as well as to some civilians, Nabhan said in a recent statement to SANA.

 About his injury, Nabhan said that he was wounded in 2016 during the Syrian Army’s battle against terrorist organizations in Aleppo, pointing out that the injury caused an 80% physical disability which led to his discharge from military service.

He explained that at the beginning, he found it difficult to adapt to his situation, but at a later stage, he managed to overcome his wounds with hope and strong will and to reintegrate into society. After meeting the wounded soldier Mohammad Al-Salman, he agreed with him on working together and establishing a sewing workshop that now contains more than 11 sewing machines.

Nabhan called on all other wounded persons not to surrender to injury or illness, but to confront their disability and invest their energy to continue with life and achieve more successes.

On his part, Al-Salman said that he was injured in a landmine blast during the fight against the terrorists in Deir Ezzor province. The explosion led to the amputation of his left leg, an injury in his right leg, and damage to his eye and ear.

Al-Salman overcame his injury by fitting prostheses to help him move and then he started to work with Nabhan in the sewing workshop, where they started work with five sewing machines that created job opportunities for many people.

“Life does not stop because of an injury. We must overcome  pain with strong determination and start a new life that is full of success, hope and optimism,” Al-Salman stressed.

Both Nabhan and Al-Salman thanked the Aleppo Chamber of Industry, for providing necessary facilitations to start work.

Hamda Mustafa