"Jareeh Studio”… A group of the nation’s wounded plays the hopeful melody of life

Homs, (ST)- After losing dear parts  of their bodied in the battles of honor they waged against the enemies of life, they did not lose their love of life, rather they insisted in playing the melody of life with the rest of their bodies .

The studio is a modest room with simple components located in the Zahra neighborhood of Homs, where the “Jareeh Studio” band members, under the supervision of its young founder Tha'er Balloul, meet to train on various musical instruments. They play musical pieces to be broadcast through the band’s website. Their performance gets hundreds of thousands of followers and interaction inside and outside Syria. Thus, with its music, the band embodies the image of the resistant Syrian, the son of this good land.

The band's members are composed of the wounded who were injured during their sacred battles in the face of the takfirist terrorists in various cities and towns of Syria such as Jobar in Damascus countryside, Morek in Hama countryside and Aleppo. Nevertheless, they managed to overcome their ordeal with a firm will, pursuing their educational achievement and investing their time by developing their artistic talents through joining the Jareeh Studio group.

They believe that there is no place for despair or subservience and victory must be achieved in all battles, adding that founding the "Jareeh studio" band is an important message to the whole world that the wounded person is a living martyr who, with his skills and creativity, can give life a special touch in all fields.

Tha'er Balloul, founder of "Jareeh Studio", says that the group was established about nine months ago with the aim of conveying an idea to the world that, he whom God gave reason has not deprived him of anything, and that disability is the weakness of the mind.

Balloul added that the group’s performance has met with positive, boundless interaction inside and outside Syria, where they perform musical pieces in addition to acting clips that reflect various aspects of real life in a simple and realistic manner.

He pointed out that the wounded person who lost a part of his body must start his life again. "Go ahead and live your life away from complaining, because life deserves to be lived and there is no time for boredom and loss," he added, enthusiastically.

Amal Farhat