Free pharmacy for the army wounded, martyrs' families and the needy in Homs

Homs, (ST) - The “Contribute with Us” initiative launched by the “Steadfast despite the Wounds” association in Homs last April reflected the importance of solidarity and cooperation among members of the society.

The initiative is based on providing medicine to the families of the martyrs, the wounded of the Syrian Arab Army, and the needy, free of charge, through a pharmacy that is supplied with medicines by donors.

According to Dr. Mohsen Tarraf, supervisor of the initiative thousands of patients have benefited from the pharmacy services since it started work in November of last year, where more than 50 prescriptions are dispensed daily for heart patients, diabetes, neurological diseases and others.

Tarraf explained to SANA that the initiative was launched with the aim of easing the financial burden on those with chronic diseases, as it began collecting free samples from doctors, some pharmaceutical companies, and citizens who no longer need medicine to be given as a donation in favor of the pharmacy. The volunteering pharmacists then sort the medicines and distribute them free of charge according to medical prescriptions, which contributes to providing the medicine to the wounded, the families of the martyrs, and the needy citizens with chronic diseases.

He also pointed to the possibility of implementing other initiatives in several areas to support the stability of society and strengthen cooperation between its people to confront the high prices and the repercussions of the unjust economic blockade on the Syrian people.

Volunteering  pharmacist and supervisor of drug distribution in the pharmacy, Arwa Deeb, indicated that the donated medicine is sorted and distributed according to the prescription, and the medical office in the association includes a number of volunteers to organize the patients' data and refer them to the pharmacy to dispense the medicine free.

Abdul Karim Muhammad, Chairman of the Board of Directors of "Steadfast despite the Wounds" said that the idea of the initiative "Contribute with Us" comes with the aim of meeting the needs of needy patients and their families for free medication. It also aims at urging the various activities to continue carrying out initiatives that would support the neediest social category to avoid the consequences of the terrorist war on the Syrians.

He referred to the contributions of the society, which was established by a group of wounded soldiers and civilians in 2015, in terms of providing free services to the target population through the physical therapy center, clinics in the association, professional educational courses, and supporting artistic talents.

Bassam Ahmed mentioned that he provided medicines that he no longer needed to the association, calling on everyone to support such initiatives that contribute to alleviating the suffering of many and reflects the importance of cooperation between members of the one community.

It is worth mentioning that the pharmacy is located at the association’s headquarters in the city of Homs.

Amal Farhat