Lebanese musician Elias Rahbani passes away at the age of 83

On January 4th, Lebanese musician Elias Rahbani passed away at the age of 83.He had a long history of art and generosity, and is the third of the Rahbani brothers. 

The works of Elias produced the most beautiful songs sang by Mrs. Fairouz, including “The Forgotten Oda and  Bird Al Warwar, Hanna Al Sakran, Oh Qamar Al Dar” as well as the great singers from Wade’a al Safi, Abdel Halim Hafez, Sabah and other Arab singers.


Late Elias Rahbani composed more than 2,500 songs, including 2000 Arabic songs and graphic music for about 25 films, including Egyptian films and series, in addition to classical piano music, the most famous of which is the music of the movie “My Blood, My Tears, My Smile” and the movie “My Love.” And “The Most Beautiful Days of My Life” and “Azif Al-Layl” and others.

As for the story of Elias with Syria, he said, “I have never heard or read the story of a people who love a family and a family who loves a people,” referring to the exceptional relationship that the Rahbani family had with the Syrian people.

In appreciation of his art, the Syrian children sang on the stage of the Damascus Opera House in 2014 with the song ‘We Are the Children’.

Late Elias Rahbani studied music at the Lebanese Academy 1945-1958 and the National Institute of Music 1955-1956, in addition to receiving private lessons for ten years under the supervision of French professors in music.

During his career, Late Elias Rahbani won hundreds of local, Arab and international awards, including in 2017 the Lebanese Order of Merit with the rank of Commander.


Inas Abdulkareem