Ministry of Information launches special screening for “To the End of Life” film at the Opera House

The Ministry of Information on Sunday launched a special screening of “To the End of Life” film at Dar Al-Assad for Culture and Arts in Damascus.

The film, directed by Basil Al-Khatib and written by scenarist Samer Ismael, highlights the heroic deeds of the Syrian Arab Army and the dangers that have faced the Syrian reporters while covering the achievements of the Syrian army in the battle against terrorism.

The screening was attended by Prime Minister Hussein Arnous, member of the Baath Party’s Central Leadership Mahdi Dakhlallah and a number of ministers, MPs, artists and journalists.

Minister of Information Imad Sara said that the theme of the film can be applied to every war reporter who accompanied the Syrian Arab Army in every step while fighting and chasing terrorists in different parts of the country.

The film also, the minister added, features the sacrifices of the Syrian journalists during the war on terrorism, noting that forty of those journalists were martyred and sixty were wounded.

Basil Al-Khatieb, the director, said that the film is different from all the films that he has made in recent years, as it presents the sacrifices of the heroes of the Syrian Arab Army and the Syrian media. He indicated that the film includes both painful and joyful situations and it is a tribute to the army’s sacrifices in defense of the homeland.

According to Scenarist Samer Ismae, the film is an attempt to document the efforts of dozens of Syrian war reporters, indicating that the film started from the event of kidnapping a female journalist and highlighted various humanitarian stories.

Hamda Mustafa