Lighting a Christmas tree in the town of Al Mzineh in the western countryside of Homs

Homs, (ST) - With the approaching Christmas and New Year's Eve, people celebrating  in the town of Al-Mzineh in the western Homs countryside lit the Christmas tree in a distinctive atmosphere full of love and peace.

Hani Abboud, from the "Al-Mzineh Youth ", the event-organizing group, indicated that the town’s youths cooperated and gathered to equip and light the Christmas tree, "the Sixth Peace Tree", with the aim of spreading pleasure and bringing joy to the hearts of the people.

" Christmas atmosphere is full of joy, love and wishes that Syria and its people will remain well and live in peace", He added.


The townspeople expressed their happiness with the approach of the holy holidays hoping that joy reigns in their homes and hearts.


Amal Farhat