Celebrating Saint Barbara’s Day… Costumes and traditional foods in the town of Al-Mzineh in the western countryside of Homs

HOMS, (ST)- Bells rang and prayers were held in the Church of Our Lady of the Annunciation “Al Shahara” in the town of Al Mzineh in the western countryside of Homs, to revel in  Saint Barbara’s Day. Celebrations were held as children wore costumes, and wheat and sweets were distributed to the people on this occasion.

Father Boutros Hazouri, the pastor of the "AL-Shahara", Church indicated that on the 3 rd of December of every year, the villages of Wadi Al-Nadara, in all their churches and squares, celebrate the Barbara Festival in the church, pointing out that prayers were held and candles lit, hoping that God would protect Syria, its people and its leader.

Hani Abboud from "Al Mzineh Youth Committee" stated that on Saint Barbara’s Day, Our Lady of the Annunciation Church with the "Al Mzineh Youth Committee" and the "Church Scouts" held a celebration during which traditional folk food was made and distributed with the aim of making children happy and bringing joy to their souls.

Archik Ghanom from the town of Al-Mzineh pointed out that the celebration of Barbara Day is an annual ritual, and in this year as every year, we hope that peace will prevail and that it will be a year of goodness and love, indicating that Saint Barbara 's Day has special rituals that are prepared by everyone.

Amal Farhat