Syrian maritime engineer excels in designing ships

"Work is the best way to enjoy life. Making ornamental model ships is my  favourite  hobby which embodies  my love for the sea and the beautiful memories I lived through  when working  in the sea”  maritime Eng.  Rashid Dalati from Lattakia said.    

He added that he is fond of  his work and his hobby of  making models of ships and  steamboats with high technical accuracy, taking into consideration  the simplest details.   

"I started my work in the sea in 1975 and  obtained  a certificate of experience in maritime engineering. I developed it by continuing  my studies at the universities of Batumi, Georgia and Odessa, Ukraine, where I obtained a degree  of chief engineer," Dalati  told SANA.  

Eng.  Dalati, who started his hobby in ornamental ships industry  in 1970 when he was 15 years old, indicated  that he saw a person from Arwad Island making ships ,  watched him and tried to imitate him by making small ships, and that was the first model he made and then he developed himself through working in the sea .   

He was drawing and designing ships and applying their details by making an anthropomorphic   which embodies  the true details of the steamships. 

Regarding the stages of work, Dalati made it clear  that they are being  done  by using simple tools including  a saw, a hammer, bobbin , adhesives, screws,  loose anchors strings , small rods, and hand-carved wood.   

Dalati  added , due to his bad health conditions, he retired from working in  the sea in 2016 and devoted himself to making ornamental ships.He has made 11 ships so far.  He is currently making a model of a Portuguese ship at the request of a customer .  Through his page on  Facebook he receives several orders  to design ships  from abroad. He  sold many of his works in America, Spain, Greece, Romania and other places .

Lattakia Education is preparing for a training course for tutoring courses

In implementation of the Ministry of Education's plan to support the quality of the educational process, Lattakia Education Directorate is conducting a training course targeting / 120 / trainees in two phases: the first starts on 16/01/2021 until 21/01/2021, and the second for a period of three weeks, starts from 1/29/2021, with the aim of enabling teachers and teaching assistants to apply effective learning strategies, and to intensify content and distance learning, in preparation for conducting strengthening courses for students of the basic and secondary education certificates.

Free pharmacy for the army wounded, martyrs' families and the needy in Homs

Homs, (ST) - The “Contribute with Us” initiative launched by the “Steadfast despite the Wounds” association in Homs last April reflected the importance of solidarity and cooperation among members of the society.

The initiative is based on providing medicine to the families of the martyrs, the wounded of the Syrian Arab Army, and the needy, free of charge, through a pharmacy that is supplied with medicines by donors.

Lebanese musician Elias Rahbani passes away at the age of 83

On January 4th, Lebanese musician Elias Rahbani passed away at the age of 83.He had a long history of art and generosity, and is the third of the Rahbani brothers. 

The works of Elias produced the most beautiful songs sang by Mrs. Fairouz, including “The Forgotten Oda and  Bird Al Warwar, Hanna Al Sakran, Oh Qamar Al Dar” as well as the great singers from Wade’a al Safi, Abdel Halim Hafez, Sabah and other Arab singers.

Prominent Syrian Director passes away

DAMASCUS, (ST)_Prominent Syrian Director Hatem Ali, 58, died this morning from a heart attack as he was in a hotel in Cairo.

The late director was born in Fiq town in the occupied Syrian Golan in 1962. He and his family lived in Damascus after they fled their town because of the Israeli occupation of the Golan in 1967.

He won a golden medal in the Cairo Festival in 1996 and directed dozens of Syrian series.

Ministry of Information launches special screening for “To the End of Life” film at the Opera House

The Ministry of Information on Sunday launched a special screening of “To the End of Life” film at Dar Al-Assad for Culture and Arts in Damascus.

The film, directed by Basil Al-Khatib and written by scenarist Samer Ismael, highlights the heroic deeds of the Syrian Arab Army and the dangers that have faced the Syrian reporters while covering the achievements of the Syrian army in the battle against terrorism.

The screening was attended by Prime Minister Hussein Arnous, member of the Baath Party’s Central Leadership Mahdi Dakhlallah and a number of ministers, MPs, artists and journalists.

“My Land is Gold” .. A comprehensive initiative by the Ministry of Culture to reforest fire-affected lands

The Ministry of Culture  has launched  “My Land is  Gold” initiative as part of its contribution to the afforestation campaign launched by the Ministry of Agriculture to plant new sites and reforest lands damaged  by fires.  

The Ministry of Culture said in a statement that  the initiative includes a number of activities and afforestation campaigns for the gardens of the Ministry's directorates and the  fire-affected areas , in addition to holding art exhibitions on the subject of the initiative to promote the culture of love, care and preserve the land.   

According to the statement, the initiative also includes presenting  theatrical   performances,  screening a documentary film  as well as  a book exhibition  which displays a  variety of books on the goals of the initiative  targeting  children and adolescents.