An initiative to redecorate schools and educational facilities in Daraa

A number of schools and educational facilities in Daraa are witnessing an initiative to beautify these buildings by drawing paintings bearing ideas of an educational and indicative nature.


The initiative was launched by the Syriac “Mar Ephrem” organization, Daraa branch. The initiative began, according to its supervisor  plastic artist Saad Shawky, from Daraa Girls School and moved to Daraa Colleges building. The  next stages will include facilities, schools and directorates concerned with the educational and university sector.




مبادرة لتجميل مدارس ومنشآت تعليمية في درعاShawky emphasized that the initiative aims at redecorating  universities and schools by drawing instructional paintings and at the same time encouraging work and studying for a better future, pointing out that the initiative will continue until filling the empty spaces in educational facilities.


The participants expressed their happiness with this awareness-raising initiative, underlining the importance of expanding participation to fill the empty spaces in educational facilities with artistic and instructional paintings.


Inas Abdulkareem



Al-Wadi International Private University launches an initiative to distribute medicine free

Homs, (ST) - With the aim of providing medicine to the poorest and most needy patients, as well as promoting the positive role of youth towards their society, the National Union of Syrian Students branch at Al-Wadi International University in Homs launched an initiative to distribute the medicine free of charge in the Al-Adawiya neighborhood in Homs.

Dr. Bashir Elias, President of Al-Wadi International Private University, told SANA that this initiative is not the first for the Student Union branch at the university, as it was preceded by an initiative to distribute clothes to the needy in Homs.

He pointed out the importance of these initiatives in linking the university to the community by providing the requirements of certain segments of society, whose economic conditions prevent them from obtaining their basic needs.

Ghadeer Bashir, head of the Students' Union branch at Al-Wadi University, indicated that the Student Union branch's activities are divided into two parts, the first deals with student issues, while the second part engages with community responses.

Bashir went on to say that the donations for the initiative, which will be transferred to Tartous later on, have been collected from drug factories, warehouses, laboratory representatives and doctors, to be presented free of charge under a prescription to the needy. He stressed the importance of these initiatives in promoting the positive role of youth towards their society to alleviate the suffering of some needy segments, especially in light of the current economic conditions.

Dr. Majd Lyos, a human resources officer in a pharmaceutical company, said, "We would love to be part of this initiative that helps people who have difficulty securing medicines due to their high expense."

Lyos stressed the importance of supporting these initiatives to include all chronic disease drugs, as patients have difficulty obtaining them, explaining that the currently available assortment within this initiative is good and includes all types of antihypertensive drugs, lipid depressants, neurological, orthopedic and digestive drugs.

Doctor, Ali Al-Ahmad (a volunteer), stressed the importance of these initiatives that contribute to alleviating the suffering of patients, especially in light of the lack of some types of medicines due to the unjust economic blockade imposed on Syria and the high cost of medicines.

He explained that there was coordination with the Al-Basel Specialized Center in Karm Al Lawz to give prescriptions to those who do not have prescriptions in order to increase the number of beneficiaries of this initiative.

About 70 university students in addition to 20 volunteering doctors and pharmacists participate in the 2-day initiative.

Amal Farhat

Wounded Syrian Army Personnel defy injuries and achieve success stories

Despite all the hard circumstances and difficulties they faced in life,  the  wounded Syrian army  personnel  managed to  prove  that their  injuries can never stop them from being active in society. 

With  strong will, patience , challenge  and unlimited  determination , a group of wounded Syrian  Army  Personnel   overcame their injuries  and  agreed to launch a small project and managed to open a workshop . 

“The  idea started years ago when a group of the wounded  Syrian Army Personnel and Supported Forces  decided to carry out entertaining  activities that enhance communication between them in Banias city. Later, the idea was  developed   to establish  a team  called  “ Lamet Hob and Wafa”  ( A Gathering of Love  and Loyalty), to embody the spirit of love  and  loyalty which  united them”  the founder of the team  the wounded Ali Hormuz told SANA.

New innovations increase the production of honey in Syria

Beekeeping has a long tradition in Syria , providing employment , income and economic security for people in rural areas. It also involves very little capital investment as no complex technologies are needed.  

Sheikh Al-Kar (master of this practice)of beekeepers Abdullah Okdah  from Lattakia  has spent 35 years  in the profession of beekeeping which  he inherited from his father and developed.  He specializesin honey production and the introduction of new types through which he obtained certificates of appreciation and first ranks in the exhibitions in terms of  quality and producing royal food . 

The  beekeeper Okdah , who is  a member of the Arab Beekeepers Union,  told SANA  that he invented an “early”  “Al-Bakuriyya” model hive to protect bees from the weather factors related to high and low temperatures. It contains an insulator and 12 broods and important  in protecting bees from bad weather conditions, as it contributes to doubling production between 3 and 5 times with the speed in the honey production time.

A young Syrian Man Challenges Terrorism through Music

Music has the ability and the drive to confront terrorism, as it is the most powerful tool capable of consolidating the values of love and peace in society and it can expose terrorism, and reveal its ugly face.

The artist can paint the true face of terrorism through music, which is the language of peace and love, as music contributes directly to confronting terrorism by being an invitation to love and intimacy.

Music is a gift from God, and it has a great role in transforming negative states into positive ones.

Damascus Citadel hosts a children art exhibition

Damascus (ST):  Damascus Citadel is currently  hosting 200 artworks by a number of children from the Baath Vanguards Organization and a show of folk costumes.

In the exhibition organized by the Ba'ath Vanguards Organization under the title “Greetings of Love and Loyalty to the Heroes of the Syrian Arab Army and the Souls of the  Martyrs,” the children presented artistic works that varied between paintings, embroidery, crochet and weaving works that were carried out during training workshops in which the children of the Organization participated.

New Syrian Series Reflects Syrian Reality in Times of War

The series of “ Dyouf  Ala  Al-Hob”  ( Guests of Love)   by scriptwriter Samer Ismael embodies  the repercussions of the nine-year  war on Syria through a dramatic script which  reflects the difficulties  that affect the young generation’s   ambitions  in addition to several love stories, each of which has its own peculiarity and destiny.  

The series , which is being currently filmed, is directed by  Fahd Miri and  produced by the General Organization for Television and Radio Production with the participation of a number  of Syrian drama stars.

The scriptwriter writer Ismael said in a statement to SANA “Guests of Love”  is  an attempt to accomplish pure Syrian drama that brings us back to the distinctive Syrian television novel in the midst of the proliferation of series that focus on gangs and those that display luxurious decorations and fashions and what is so-called Pan-Arab drama.