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The Syrian community in Egypt honors outstanding students of the Public Secondary school

The Board of Directors of the Syrian Community in Egypt held a ceremony on Saturday  to honor the outstanding  Syrian  students of the Secondary  School stage in Egypt, with the participation of Chargé d'Affairs of the Syrian Embassy in Cairo, Dr. Bassam Darwish.

During the ceremony which was held at the headquarters of the Syrian Community Association in Cairo, certificates of honor with symbolic gifts were distributed to twenty-nine students who had excelled and obtained high grades at the secondary school certificate in Egypt.

A plane carrying 186 Syrians stranded abroad arrives from Amman

Damascus,(ST)- Syrian Airlines arrived at Damascus International Airport today, coming from the Jordanian capital, Amman, with 186 Syrian citizens on board, as part of the government's efforts to return those stranded abroad, according to what the Ministry of Transport said in a statement.

This flight is one of three flights on Syrian Airlines from Jordan, Russia and the Emirates, which the ministry announced that it will operate between 17th and 21th of this month(September).

Since the fourth of last May, Syrian Airlines began operating flights to evacuate Syrian  who wish to return from countries around the world to Syria, according to lists registered by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and expatriates at embassies and diplomatic missions.

Haifaa Mafalani

Syrian expatriate gets the title of best doctor of the year 2020 in Ukraine

Odessa, (ST) - The Syrian expatriate doctor, Arefal-Muhammad, was named best doctor for the year 2020 in the southern region of Ukraine, in a popular vote organized by the Ukrainian city of Odessa administration in cooperation with local TV stations.

Dr. al-Muhammad is a dentist and owner of the largest dental center in Odessa, known for his high competency and for providing the best dental  treatment and Orthodontics methods, in addition to playing a major role in providing medical aid to the children of Arab communities and citizens and participating in all the activities of the Syrian community in Odessa .He is the representative of the Union of Arab Doctors in Ukraine.

Syrian plane brings back 194 Syrians from Iraq

Damascus (ST): The Ministry of Transport said that a Syrian plane with 194 passengers on board arrived at Damascus International Airport coming from Baghdad within the framework of the efforts being exerted by the Syrian government to bring back the Syrians stranded abroad as a result of the coronavirus pandemic.

Syria’s ambassador to Iraq Sattam Jada’an al-Dandah said that this flight came within the framework of the government’s effort to bring back the Syrians stranded abroad, noting that the Iraqi side has shown great cooperation to make the flight a success.

A Syrian passenger plane brings back 239 Syrians from Khartoum

Damascus (ST)- A Syrian passenger plane  arrived in Damascus International Airport coming from Khartoum carrying 239 Syrian passengers on board within the framework of the efforts being exerted by the government for the return of the Syrians who are stranded abroad.

Last Friday, a Syrian plane arrived in Damascus International Airport coming from Kuwait bringing back 257 Syrians.

Earlier, the Ministry of Interior had called on Syrian citizens who want to return to Syria to contact the Syrian embassies in Cairo, Muscat, Abu Dhabi, al-Manama, Khartoum, Moscow, Algiers and Baghdad to hand a request in order to prepare a schedule for the Syrian Airlines flights by the special governmental team.