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Syrian expats in Pennsylvania: “Caesar’s Act” is an economic war and a form of political racism

Pennsylvania-Washington,(ST)-The members of the Syrian community in the US state of Pennsylvania,and with the participation of a number of American people condemned during a protest stand, in front of the federal building in the city of Allentown, the so-called Caesar Act, which constitutes an economic war and a form of political racism.
The participants who raised the national syrian flags demanded an end to the economic war on Syria that has increased the suffering of syrian people, expressing their stand and solidarity with their motherland in the face of the most formidable wars carried out  by America and their rejection of unjust and coercive measures imposed by a number of Western countries on the Syrian people.
A number of  American people who participated in  the protest stand stressed their rejection of their country's policy towards Syria, which contributes to increasing the suffering of its people.

Syrian expatriates in Russia renew their support for their country, Syria

Moscow, (ST) - The Syrian expatriate community in the Russia, with all its political, social, cultural and student spectra, renewed its support for its mother country, Syria, in the face of all the aggression and terrorist war against it.

The community said in a statement to SANA on the occasion of the Martyrs' Day, that “In the light of these difficult days that our country is going through as it grapples with global terrorism financed regionally and internationally, our community in Russia renews the pledge of loyalty to the mother country, Syria and to the steadfast and generous people.

The community members pointed out the enormous sacrifices made by the Syrian Arab Army and the Syrian people in the face of external aggressions and terrorism.

Sheikh Salman Antir, head of national activities in the occupied Palestinian territories, affirmed in a statement to SANA that what Syria faces from pressure and terrorist war, comes as a result of its victories  on terrorism. This terrorism which tried to change the original Syrian principles based on sovereignty and non-subordination to hateful colonialism.

Syrian community in Spain calls for lifting the economic siege imposed on Syria

MADRID, (ST)- The Syrian community in Spain has condemned the unilateral coercive economic measures imposed by the United States and some European countries on Syria and urged immediate lifting of these unfair measures.

Archbishop Nicholas Matti Abdulahad of the Syriac Orthodox Church in Spain, called on the United Nations, the international community and human rights organizations to act so as to put an end to the unfair American and European sanctions imposed on Syria. He made it clear that the Syrian people are currently confronting the spread of coronavirus after nine years of war against terrorist organizations that have been backed by the same forces imposing these sanctions.

Syrian students in Cuba reaffirm their support for their motherland

The Syrian students studying in Cuban universities reaffirmed their support for the army, people and leadership of their country, stressing that the Syrian martyrs will always represent  the icon of determination and commitment.

In a statement to the Cuban branch of the National Union of Syrian Students on the occasion of the seventieth anniversary of the Syrian Arab Student's Day, the students underlined their insistence on more diligence in acquiring science and knowledge as the only way to enhance the status and immunity of their country and achieve the aspirations of Syrian people towards progress and prosperity and then return to their country to complete their role in the process of building and confronting its enemies, foremost among them is the Wahhabi Takfiri thought and terrorism.

The students expressed their pride in the heroism of their army, which fights global terrorism in various Syrian regions, indicating that they derive from it their steadfastness and their determination to succeed.


 Inas Abdulkareem

Syrian students in Egypt renew their support for their homeland in confronting challanges

Syrian students in Egypt have asserted their support for Syrian people and army in confronting the challanges that face the liberation of Syrian territories from terrorism and occupation. 
 On the occassion of the 70th anniversary of the Syrian Arab Student,  the National Union of Syrian Students (NUSS) in Egypt reiterated its solidarity with the homeland and its adherence to its firm principles that meet the aspirations of Syrian people to liberate every inch of Syria from terrorism.