A Syrian Day in Chuvashia, Russia

Members of the Syrian community in the Russian Republic of Chuvashia revived the activities of the Syrian Culture Day, which was held in the building of the Friendship Association between Peoples and included a range of cultural, heritage and artistic activities.

The event included the screening of a documentary film on the Syrian civilization and its most important historical and tourist landmarks, as well as artistic, heritage and cultural segments to introduce Syrian cuisine, folk costume, and ancient customs and traditions.

The plastic artist, member of the Federal Society of Russian Painters, Sergey Blokhin, participated in more than 40 paintings he drew more than 25 years ago, when he lived in Syria for more than two years.

The event also included the participation of the Syrian writer and poet Manal Youssef, who presented a collection of patriotic and sentimental poetry that embodied the creativity of the Syrian man.

The representative of the Syrian community in Russian Chuvashia, Dr. Majd Habaqa, pointed out the importance of strengthening communication between the members of the Syrian community and linking them to the motherland, indicating the strong relationship that unites the Syrian and Russian peoples and the role of the Russian Federation in supporting Syria in its war against terrorism.

The celebration was attended by the Syrian community, representatives of the communities living in the Russian Republic of Chuvashia and representatives of the Russian Ministry of Culture.