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Our students and community in Spain condemn the terrorist bombing in Damascus

On October 25thSyrian students and members of the Syrian community in Spain said that the terrorist bombing that targeted a military bus in Damascus last Wednesday is evidence of the bankruptcy and failure of terrorist organizations.

The representatives of the students and the community issued a statement saying that this criminal act carried out by a handful of mercenaries from terrorist organizations and before the eyes of the world and the silence of the United Nations in a public and flagrant violation of all international covenants and human rights. 


The statement denounced the negligence of European and Western countries, especially members of the UN Security Council, and their bias towards the Zionist entity, the Turkish aggression and the American occupation in their aggression against the sanctity and sovereignty of the Syrian territories. 

In a similar statement, the members of the Syrian community in Barcelona condemned in the strongest terms the terrorist attack, stressing that it reflects the bankruptcy of terrorist mercenaries

The statement called on the Catalan government and the Catalan parliament to condemn this crime against the safe Syrian people and Syria.