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The necessity of investing in the country, says Al-Miqdad to the representatives of Syrian community in Serbia

Belgrade, (ST) - The Minister of Foreign Affairs and Expatriates, Dr. Faisal Al-Miqdad met with representatives of the Syrian community, including doctors, industrialists, businessmen and students studying in the Republic of Serbia.

During the meeting, Minister Miqdad clarified the efforts made by the Syrian government to establish security and stability throughout the country and rebuild what was destroyed by terrorism, thus contributing to the return of the displaced and refugees to their homes.

Minister Miqdad saluted the Syrian community in Serbia for standing by its homeland, Syria, during the difficult period it went through. He stressed the Syrian government’s interest in measures to ensure the voluntary and dignified return of refugees and displaced persons to the homeland.

Minister Miqdad called on members of the community to intensify their work to expose the unilateral coercive measures that impoverished the Syrians and destroyed their infrastructure, as well as to invest in their homeland, especially after the issuance of the new investment law.

In turn, the community members expressed their appreciation for the sacrifices made by the Syrian Arab Army in defeating terrorism and the efforts made by the Syrian government to provide the basic needs of Syrian citizens and its interest in taking care of expatriate affairs.

Raghda Sawas