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European Solidarity Front for Syria: The October Liberation War has returned dignity to the region

MADRID, (ST)_The European Solidarity Front for Syria in Spain has congratulated Syria on the occasion of the 48th anniversary of the October Liberation War, praising the Syrian army’s historical struggle to restore occupied lands and to break the Israeli hegemony over them. 
According to a statement released on Wednesday , the front said that struggle is the only way to restore dignity and to end injustice when the homeland is under attack. 
“Since the October War in 1973 and until now, the Syrian army has resisted the Israeli occupation and its terrorist mercenaries….The victory of the Syrian army in the October war drew lessons in resistance and struggle,” the statement underlined. 
It condemned the continuity of the Zionist entity’s occupation of the Syrian Golan and the occupation’s ignorance of the UN resolutions that call for ending this occupation. 
 The front called on the international community to put an end for the US and Turkish occupation of the Syrian territories and the illegal diplomatic and economic siege from which the Syrian people suffer. 
It hopes that Displaced people will return to Syria as soon as possible to contribute to rebuilding what has been destroyed by terrorism, so that Syria will remain the cradle of civilizations. 
Basma Qaddour