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Slovak Communist Party, NUSS’s branch in Slovakia urge the West to stop practicing economic terrorism against the Syrian people

The Slovak Communist Party and the branch of the National Union of Syrian Students (NUSS) in Slovakia called on the western countries to stop practicing economic terrorism against the Syrian people through imposing unfair coercive economic measures on them.

 In a letter addressing the European Union Commission in Brussels via the EU mission in Bratislava, the Slovak party and the NUSS said that maintaining the EU’s wrong policies towards Syria shows once again the West’s extreme hatred for Syria and prolongs the suffering of the Syrian people.  

 Western countries continue to practice the cheapest kind of political blackmail by associating their contribution to the process of reconstruction in Syria to achieving progress in the political solution, the letter said, clarifying that these countries want Syria to surrender to the foreign dictates and agendas as a condition for their participation in reconstruction, regardless of the Syrian people’s will and aspirations.

The West’s policy of collective punishment exacerbates the humanitarian situation in Syria and deprives millions of Syrians of the basic requirements of life and greatly affects the health sector in Syria in the light of the outbreak of the Corona pandemic, the letter also said.

It called on the EU to adopt a policy of dialogue and cooperation with the Syrian government in order to achieve progress in the process of political settlement that achieves the aspirations of the Syrian people and that goes in line with the UN resolutions which affirm that the solution should be led by the Syrians without foreign interference.

Hamda Mustafa