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Syrian students in Hungary call on EU to lift blockade imposed on the people of Syria

BUDAPEST, (ST)_The National Union of Syrian Students in Hungary has called on the European Union to lift the unjust blockade and unilateral coercive measures being imposed on the people of Syria. 
The Union said in a letter sent on Thursday to the EU in Brussels: “In the light of the unjust terror war being imposed on the people of Syria since 10 years ago and caused murder and destruction in all fields of the life of Syrians, we believe that time has come to review EU policy towards Syria. 
It called on the EU not to adopt decisions that impose agendas on Syria and to respect the choices of the people of Syria to decide their future and to respect the principles of democracy. 
The letter appealed to the EU to end the unjust economic blockade being imposed on the Syrians as the blockade has negative impacts on all aspects of the life of the people. 
“Millions are suffering from the siege, especially in the light of the outbreak of Covid-19 pandemic.  The blockade blocks getting medical equipment to fight the pandemic and affects the sectors of food and power,” the letter stressed. 
It called on the EU countries to restore diplomatic ties with the Syrian government and to actively participate in rebuilding Syria and achieving peace in it far away from political purposes. 
Basma Qaddour