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Syrian community and students in the Andalusia region renew their support for their homeland

Madrid , (ST) - Members of the Syrian community ,Syrian students studying in the Andalusia region, and the Syrian-Spanish Businessmen Association in Andalusia reiterated their support for their homeland, Syria, in the face of the coercive unilateral economic sanctions imposed on it, especially in light of the spread of the Corona pandemic.

In a joint statement on the occasion of Mother's Day, which SANA received a copy of  on Monday, they said , “we as, the children of the Syrian community, the Association of businessmen and the Syrian students studying in universities and academic institutes in the Andalusia region, raise our voice in the face of the inhuman economic sanctions and the forces of neo-colonialism against our people Syria”. “We affirm our absolute solidarity with our people in Syria against these sanctions and measures aimed at increasing the suffering of our people, especially in the spread of the Corona pandemic”. “We stress that all these measures are criminal and illegal, and are imposed by colonial administrations, absolutely      ignoring international charters and laws”.


The statement also renewed the absolute condemnation of the continuous attempts by the American occupation forces and the Zionist entity to destroy Syria by supporting terrorist organizations.

They also expressed their condemnation and denunciation of the silence of the world and international organizations towards the crimes and massacres of the Turkish regime against the Syrian people and its invasion of the Syrian national territories with the support of NATO, the military arm of global Zionism. They renew the pledge to stand with the Syrian Arab Army until the liberation of every inch of the Syrian lands.

Raghda Sawas