Ambassador Dayoub stresses the role of Syrian students in rebuilding what terrorism has destroyed

Tehran, (ST) - The Syrian ambassador to Tehran Dr. Shafiq Dayoub, stressed the important role of Syrian students studying abroad  in order to improve the level of education and to support the scientific sector and academic research in Syria and  contribute in rebuilding what terrorism has destroyed in their homeland, Syria.

During his meeting with a delegation of students headed by the head of the branch of National Union of Syrian Students in Iran, Hussam Salama, at the embassy headquarters in Tehran, Dayoub called on the students to benefit from the distinguished Iranian scientific experiences in various scientific and researchHe also called on Syrian students to work on investing these experiences in the industrial and economic projects in their homeland, the matter which contributes in the process of rebuilding what was destroyed by the terrorist war.

Salama reviewed the works of the branch of National Union of Syrian Students in Iran and its various activities in the cultural and scientific fields in Iranian universities, stressing their importance in promoting cultural and scientific rapprochement between the two countries.

The Syrian students in Iran expressed their eagerness in pursuing their scientific and academic achievement and in providing  expertise and knowledge to carry out their duty towards their homeland, Syria, and contribute to rebuild what terrorism has destroyed.

Raghda Sawas