Syrian students in Cuba: Unilateral coercive measures imposed on Syria represent an economic terrorism

Havana (ST):  Syrian students in Cuba have condemned the unilateral coercive economic measures being imposed on their country, demanding that the EU states lift them and work on facilitating the return of Syrian refugees to their homeland.

In a letter handed by the representatives of the leadership of Cuba Branch of the National Union of Syrian Students to the EU embassy in Havana, Syrian students confirmed that the unilateral coercive measures being imposed on Syria by the US and the EU represent economic terrorism that affects the livelihood of the Syrian people.

The students affirmed that most of the displaced Syrians want to return to their homeland, as the Syrian state has arranged the necessary conditions for that, but many countries are obstructing this return through imposing coercive economic measures against the Syrians in their daily lives.

The students also called on the international community to work for facilitating return of refugees who have been displaced because of terrorism to their homeland.