Syrian youths in Australia launch solidarity campaign in support of their homeland

Melbourne (ST): Members of the Syrian community in Australia have launched a solidarity campaign in support of their homeland, Syria.

Organized by the Group of Syrian Expatriate Youths, the campaign was held under the title of “ Supporting the Firefighting Brigade” because of the fires that had erupted in several Syrian governorates and caused huge material damage to Syrian agricultural lands and citizens’ properties.

Samir Mardini, one of the founders of the Group, said that the aim of the campaign was to provide support for the firefighting brigades in Syria through collecting donations that contribute to ensuring additional equipment that helps in extinguishing fires.

In turn, Sarjoun Mardini said that the founding of the Group is considered an opportunity for the expatriate youths to express their love and loyalty to their homeland and people.

Another member of the Group, Maya Hajal said that the group includes more than 3500 youths that work for collecting donations to support their country, noting that the experience would be generalized all over the world and would not be restricted to Australia.