The first online Syrian plastic exhibition in Ukraine

The Honorary Consulate of Syria and the Syrian community in Ukraine invited a number of Syrian plastic artists to participate in the first online  Syrian plastic art exhibition in Ukraine. The event  will be held on social media platforms and the official website of the Syrian community in Ukraine..

The artistic supervisor of the exhibition,  sculptor Afif Agha  said in a statement to SANA that he sought to organize this exhibition after  he had  touched ,during two individual exhibitions held in the Ukrainian capital Kiev, the interest of the Arab community, especially the Syrian as well as  Ukrainian interest  in Syrian art.

He pointed to   the remarkable attendance, which made an impression on everyone's desire to hold an  exhibition  for Syrian art  to follow up  the creativity achieved by the contemporary plastic movement in  Syria. 

Due to the circumstances of the Corona pandemic, the exhibition has shifted from realistic to virtual, to be held later in the most important galleries or in the museum in Kiev at a later time.

The sculptor Agha stressed  that the aim of the exhibition is to introduce a number of Syrian artists and their work on social media platforms and the official website of the Syrian community, in addition to coverage of the exhibition by the Ukrainian media including  television stations, radio stations, magazines, newspapers and websites.

The owner of the Syrian Phoenix Gallery pointed out that the exhibition helps to  promote cultural and artistic exchange between Syria and Ukraine and provides an opportunity for the Arab community and the Ukrainian people to learn about the distinctive Syrian creativity in the field of plastic art, despite all the negative effects of the war on our country in addition to the unjust blockade.

“We, as Syrians, must work to highlight Syria’s cultural and civilizational role in all countries of the world, to introduce our civilization throughout history, through what Syrian creators present today” the sculptor Agha underscored.

“we must  shed light on the reality of what is happening in Syria in terms of an unjust war to expose terrorism, and behind it our enemies who seek to distort and falsify the facts" the sculptor Agha concluded.


Rawaa Ghanam