Ministry of Transport operates two flights to evacuate Syrian citizens from Egypt and Kuwait

Damascus, (ST) - The Ministry of Transport announced that it would operate two flights (Syrian Airlines) to evacuate Syrian citizens from Egypt on Thursday tomorrow and from Kuwait on  4 September to Damascus International Airport, in the light of the government efforts to return Syrians stranded abroad due to the spread of the Corona epidemic.

In a statement, that SANA received a copy of،the ministry indicated the dates of departure from Damascus International Airport and arrival at Cairo and Kuwait airports, as well as arrival dates at Damascus International Airport.

On the twenty-third of this month, the Ministry of Transport conducted a flight to transport 150 Syrian nationals in Doha, as part of the government's efforts to return Syrians stranded abroad.

Since the fourth of last May, Syrian Air lines  began to operate flights to evacuate the Syrian nationals who wished to return to Syria, according to lists registered through the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Expatriates at embassies and diplomatic missions.

Raghda Sawas