Archbishop Khoury launches a global call to end the crime of the Turkish regime against the city of Hasaka

The Metropolitan of Our Lady of Paradise of the Melkite Roman Catholics in Brazil, Archbishop George Khoury, issued a worldwide call today to exert all possible efforts to end the ongoing crime committed by the Turkish regime against the city of Hasaka by cutting off water from it.

The appeal was  titled “Together for Al-Hasakah, is a global call. Save al-Hasakah.”

Metropolitan Khoury criticized the world's silence about what is happening in the city of Hasakah, asking “How long will human rights organizations remain submissive and complicit with the decisions of countries that do not know what the meaning of humanity is.”


“Where are the United Nations and the Security Council, what has become of  the security council that defends the interests of the countries that supposedly  cherish democracy and freedom.However for these countries  , it seems that justice is not a quality worth defending ,” Khoury said.

Khoury said: “Where are the human rights defenders in the world when they see what the Turkish regime is doing to the people of Hasakah again.”

Khoury called on  all countries and international organizations to issue humanitarian decisions to supply water to Hasakah and end the "arrogant" inhuman practices of the   President of the Turkish regime, Recep Tayyip Erdogan, and his tools and force them to halt their crimes .

O. al-Mohammad