Health Ministry: As of Aug 22nd, two flights weekly will be conducted from Damascus International Airport to evacuate Syrians stranded abroad

Damascus, (ST) - The Ministry of Health announced that the government team concerned in confronting Coronavirus (COVID-19) has decided to conduct two flights weekly from Damascus International Airport to evacuate Syrian citizens stranded abroad.

The Ministry on Wednesday said in a statement two flights will be conducted weekly from Damascus International Airport as of next Saturday, Aug 22nd to evacuate Syrians stranded abroad while taking all preventive measures.

The ministry indicated that those arriving through Damascus International Airport will stay at the Ebla Hotel until the results of the "PCR" analysis for detecting Coronavirus infection are issued.


Since the fourth of last May, the Syrian Airlines began operating flights to evacuate Syrian nationals who wish to return from a number of countries in the world to Syria, according to the lists that were registered through the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Expatriates at embassies and diplomatic missions, in implementation of the decisions of the government team concerned with dealing with Corona virus.

Raghda Sawas