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Syrian students design a device to generate electricity by using the "piezoelectric" technology

Three students from the Faculty of Technical Engineering at Tartous University were able to design a device to generate electricity by walking using "piezoelectric" technique.

The device generates electrical energy through the passage of people and pedestrians in the streets or cars on the roads. It generates electricity through “pressing” techniques” or by pressing on it.

Students were able to design a laboratory model that is not applied, but effective and can generate electricity, withstand high pressure and high effort. It can generate electricity by applying a 1 kN / 3 cc force on the scattered pieces of the device giving approximately 12 thousand volts.

A Thesis for a Syrian student that won first place at the level of Pannonia University

Budapest _ ST the Syrian student, Muhammad Al-Abrash, won first place at the level of the University of  Pannonia in Hungary for his thesis in the field of developing the quality of asphalt during the competitive conference held by the university last month.

Al-Abrash who holds a master’s degree said to SANA that “the idea came during a review of the daily training workflow last August where I noticed that the quality of polymeric asphalt could be increased in simple ways by observing the results of the tests after mixing the samples.”

A Syrian Gets the Best Innovation Award for the Category of Technological Projects in Russia

A young Syrian man Basil Suleiman won the Best Innovation Award in the competition of the 50 best innovative ideas in technology, economics, education and society that was held in Kazan, Russia, in which thousands of students, teachers, researchers and academics from the Russian Federation and abroad competed.

Graduation of the first batch of diploma in bioenergy ... Participants: We hope that 2020 will be a year of energy at all levels

Pioneers of bioenergy in Syria dream that the year 2020 will be the year of actual practice of the concept of bioenergy after this project has reached advanced levels of qualification and training for companies, academies and individuals as a new approach in looking at the future.

Male and female Syrians, and from all ages, scientific and intellectual specialties, talked about their experience and how their perception completely changed towards themselves first and towards reality secondly.

Adventurers Live a "Sleep Experience "in Caves in the Snow

Syria enjoys various distinct tourist areas which are considered to be one of the natural wonders that attract  many adventurers and explorers.

In a unique experiment, ninety adventurers from the "Syrian Society for Exploration and Documentation" stayed overnight in caves in Halboun, Damascus countryside, in difficult climatic conditions, as the snow surrounded this area with a thicknesses exceeding 10 cm.