Graduation of the first batch of diploma in bioenergy ... Participants: We hope that 2020 will be a year of energy at all levels

Pioneers of bioenergy in Syria dream that the year 2020 will be the year of actual practice of the concept of bioenergy after this project has reached advanced levels of qualification and training for companies, academies and individuals as a new approach in looking at the future.

Male and female Syrians, and from all ages, scientific and intellectual specialties, talked about their experience and how their perception completely changed towards themselves first and towards reality secondly.

Adventurers Live a "Sleep Experience "in Caves in the Snow

Syria enjoys various distinct tourist areas which are considered to be one of the natural wonders that attract  many adventurers and explorers.

In a unique experiment, ninety adventurers from the "Syrian Society for Exploration and Documentation" stayed overnight in caves in Halboun, Damascus countryside, in difficult climatic conditions, as the snow surrounded this area with a thicknesses exceeding 10 cm.

Conclusion of the final qualifying tests for the Syrian Scientific Olympiad

Today, the final qualifying tests for the Syrian Scientific Olympiad for the year 2019-2020 were concluded.

The final qualifications were held by the Excellence and Creativity Commission in mathematics, physics, chemistry, informatics and biology with the participation of 411 students who represent the scientific elite from various governorates.

The final qualifications included two rounds of tests over a period of two days to choose the members of the national teams that will participate in international Olympiad competitions next year.

A star and a planet named after Ebla & Ugarit by International Astronomy Union

The International Astronomy Union has decided to name the star HD 218566, which lies near Pisces, Ebla. While the planet discovered near it Ugarit.
The statement released by the Syrian Astronomy Association said that the International Astronomy Union endorsed the new names,which are considered a new achievement for the Syrian Astronomy Association.
Earlier, the International Astronomy Union called the planet, which rotates around the star of the Shepherd, Palmyra in 2015.
Head of the Syrian Astronomy Association Dr. Mohammad al-Asiri affirmed commitment to hoist the Syrian flag high at the international arenas specialized in space and astronomy.
Founded in 2005, the Syrian Astronomy Society has been working to spread astronomy in Syria and the Arab states by all possible means.

A Syrian engineer creates a wind turbine for energy production and investment in heating

Suwayda, ST- A young engineer from Suwayda governorate creates a wind turbine with a height exceeding three meters to produce energy and invest it directly in heating, which confirms the Syrians ability of creativity and innovation.

Engineer Diaa Al-Abdullah, 30 years old, explains to SANA correspondent that his main motive for this innovation was to face the lack of energy resources and the effects of the crisis that resulted in long hours of electric rationing and large costs during the winter for heating in addition to supporting the work of searching for clean and free energy sources.