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Syrian Inventor Designs a Portable Respirator by Recycling Damaged Electric Motors

The scientific and technology communities  around the world are putting technology to work to find solutions that help mitigate the impact of  COVID-19 ,the global health crisis.

In an attempt to contribute to efforts exerted to tackle the coronavirus , the Syrian inventor Majed Brro  has invented  a model for a portable electronic  respirator  to treat patients with pulmonary insufficiency. 

 Brro made it clear in a statement to SANA  that the respirator  is characterized by its small size so that it can be moved between hospital rooms and health centers, in addition to the ease of placing it in the ambulance and the possibility of it being acquired by  patients to treat emergency situations at  their  homes.

Syria wins five bronze medals and five certificates of appreciation at the Asia-Pacific Olympiad for Mathematics

The Syrian Scientific Olympiad team won five bronze medals and five certificates of appreciation in the Asia-Pacific Olympiad for Mathematics competitions. The results of the competitions which were organized by Indonesia via the Internet on March 11with the participation of about fifty countries,  were announced today.

The Excellence and Creativity Authority stated in a statement that the bronze medals as well as the certificates of appreciation were won by Secondary School students from Damascus, Aleppo and Tartous. 

Syria's Ambassador to the Tehran University of Medical Sciences Jowel Makdisi

Jowel Makdisi is Syria's Ambassador to Tehran University of Medical Sciences (TUMS) As the Syrian woman has proven herself strongly inside her country in the most difficult conditions, she was also able to create a distinguished position for her on the international scene, as she works to convey the image of the struggling genuine Syrian people to every place in the world. Her love for her country dominates her heart, wherever she goes. Her goal is to convey the image of the homeland to the world, so that it can see Syria as it is, the land of civilization and love. Today, from Iran, Dentist Dr. Jowel Carlo Makdisi shows a model of the educated Syrian woman who, along with her scientific excellence in medicine, has proven herself to be the daughter of ancient genuine Syrian civilization. She introduced the Iranian and international community to Syria and its society, customs, traditions and folklore. She was indeed a good ambassador for her country, as she was granted the title of Syria's Ambassador to Tehran University of Medical Sciences (TUMS) by her university due to her many distinguished participations in international conferences in addition to the  exhibits  and festivals that were held in the name of Syria and her university.

The Student Research Team at Tishreen University completes sterilization corridor As part of their constant endeavor to provide their scientific expertise in the service of their country, "Wa'adna Wa wfina" (we promised and fulfilled), the research

As part of their constant endeavor to provide their scientific expertise in the service of their country, "Wa'adna Wa wfina"  (we promised and  fulfilled), the research student team at Tishreen University supported by the Engineers Union in Lattakia completed a multi-system sterilization tunnel, while another team has implemented an emergency breathing apparatus that has been approved by the governorate's health directorate to contribute to tackling the Coronavirus

The Syria Times e-newspaper quoted the team's creator, Dr. Carlo Makdisie as saying: "We are proudly fulfilled a protype of multi-system sterilization tunnel "Premium Edition", as I know. It includes all the characteristics of the cleaning, disinfection and sterilization system".

Syrian Engineer Invents an Auto Sanitizing and Vaporization machine to confront Corona virus

Within the framework of the relentless efforts exerted to address the novel coronavirus, Eng. Musallam Sula’i has invented in Hama province an auto sterilization and vaporization machine for people which can be used at the entrances of residential buildings and government institutions.

The device depends on the smart control mechanism in sterilization through using three methods including : alcoholic vaporization, which is recommended by the World Health Organization ( WHO), radiation and the third one using both .

Eng. Sula’i, who designed the device with a group of engineers and technicians, told SANA that the design of the device was carried out under the supervision of the Engineers’ Union and was installed at the entrance of “Sharia” mosque and it was then used in various other facilities.

 Safe and effective these authorized sterilizers are used, according to Sula’i , in Syrian hospitals where alcohol turns into vapor to completely sterilize the person entering through in a standard time of no more than four seconds.

On his part, Head of Hama’s branch of Engineers’ Union Eng. Abdel Nasser Al-Khalil stressed the fact that the union is an incubator and supporter of such innovations that serve the public interest, especially in the light of the current circumstances that all countries of the world seek to find the best ways and means to deal with the Corona virus.

 Rawaa Ghanam