New Technology using solar energy invented by Syrian Student under supervision of Syrian Professor

Despite the long harsh years of the war against their country, the Syrians, prove every day that they are a steadfast and civilized people and that Syria deserves life.  .

Marah F. Mariam is a living and sincere example of Syrian youth, Those who triumphed over war ,ignorance and destruction with the power of their will, knowledge and culture, have succeeded in being ambassadors of their country in all international scientific forums.

Professor Carlo Y. Makdisie, supervisor of the research presented by the student Marah, said: "The research presented by Marah to the first international conference, which is the Portable Field Hospital Fed From Solar System Depends On Interleaved Boost Converter (IBC), embodies the optimum utilization of the solar system technologies and the solutions that this technology provides during unusual circumstances".

Syrian comes first among foreign students at Beijing University

Beijing (ST):  Syrian engineer Fadi Waleed Farha has come in first rank for the year 2019 as the best foreign student in Beijing University for Science and Technology, China.

In a statement, Fadi said that he came first due to the research papers he submitted and the cultural and scientific activities he took part in the university, noting that he participated in the annual festival held by the University and presented a paper about Syria's eventful history and rich civilization.

Syrian students design a device to generate electricity by using the "piezoelectric" technology

Three students from the Faculty of Technical Engineering at Tartous University were able to design a device to generate electricity by walking using "piezoelectric" technique.

The device generates electrical energy through the passage of people and pedestrians in the streets or cars on the roads. It generates electricity through “pressing” techniques” or by pressing on it.

Students were able to design a laboratory model that is not applied, but effective and can generate electricity, withstand high pressure and high effort. It can generate electricity by applying a 1 kN / 3 cc force on the scattered pieces of the device giving approximately 12 thousand volts.

A Thesis for a Syrian student that won first place at the level of Pannonia University

Budapest _ ST the Syrian student, Muhammad Al-Abrash, won first place at the level of the University of  Pannonia in Hungary for his thesis in the field of developing the quality of asphalt during the competitive conference held by the university last month.

Al-Abrash who holds a master’s degree said to SANA that “the idea came during a review of the daily training workflow last August where I noticed that the quality of polymeric asphalt could be increased in simple ways by observing the results of the tests after mixing the samples.”

A Syrian Gets the Best Innovation Award for the Category of Technological Projects in Russia

A young Syrian man Basil Suleiman won the Best Innovation Award in the competition of the 50 best innovative ideas in technology, economics, education and society that was held in Kazan, Russia, in which thousands of students, teachers, researchers and academics from the Russian Federation and abroad competed.