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Rector of Damascus University discusses with delegations from Slovakia and Kazakhstan activation of scientific cooperation

On November 6, the Rector of Damascus University Dr. Maher Qabakibi discussed with the Rector of the University of Economics in Bratislava, Slovakia Professor Ferdinald Dano ways of developing scientific and academic cooperation relations between the two sides.

During the meeting, the two sides agreed to activate the previous scientific agreements and prepare for the signing of a new agreement in the field of economy, marketing, e-commerce and administration.

Dr. Qabakibi pointed to the Damascus University’s keenness in developing  scientific relations with various universities in the world.

Syria to take part in the Final of WRO 2019 in Hungary

DAMASCUS, (ST)- Syria is to take part in the international finals of the World Robot Olympiad ( WRO) 2019, which is due to be held in the Hungarian city of Gyor between November 7th and 10th under the title "Smart Cities".

423 teams from 73 countries are participating in the event

Director of the Syrian Science Olympiad at the Distinction and Creativity Agency Nubough Yassin told SANA that three Syrian teams will participate in the competitions, including Aero 403 team for Regular Junior category aged 13-15 years, Robix team for Regular Senior category aged 16-19 years, Squadros team for Open category aged 16-19 years.

 The WRO is the largest and most important annual event in the world in the domain of robotics.

University Students Design a Laboratory Model That Generates Electricity

Mahmoud Radwan Jamous, Mohammad Shafiq Suleiman and Ahmad al-Kheder are Students from the Faculty of Engineering at the University of Tartous. They have invented a laboratory model that generates electricity through pressure or walking.

The project took about 3months, while the application of the design took only two days.

Student Mahmoud Jamous said: "the importance of design lies in its ability to generate Electric energy from the feet movement ".

Syrian Child invents a Solar energy Project

Hayel Al-Salamah is a Syrian child from Suweiyda city who    succeeded in inventing a solar energy project from the environment  to light streets.

Al-Salamah who is 11 years old, started to apply his idea out of his love of research and discovery, trying to collect all the available electronic and old  parts and recycled them again to achieve his idea until he succeeded in forming solar energy for street lighting .

Cold, dry planets could have a lot of hurricanes

Nearly every atmospheric science textbook ever written will say that hurricanes are an inherently wet phenomenon -- they use warm, moist air for fuel. But according to new simulations, the storms can also form in very cold, dry climates, according to Science Daily.

A climate as cold and dry as the one in the study is unlikely to ever become the norm on Earth, especially as climate change is making the world warmer and wetter. But the findings could have implications for storms on other planets and for the intrinsic properties of hurricanes that most scientists and educators currently believe to be true.

"We have theories for how hurricanes work at temperatures that we're used to experiencing on Earth, and theoretically, they should still apply if we move to a colder and drier climate," said Dan Chavas, an assistant professor of earth, atmospheric and planetary sciences at Purdue University. "We wanted to know if hurricanes really need water. And we've shown that they don't -- but in a very different world."