Syria participates in the World Mathematics Olympiad organized remotely by Russia

Syrian Scientific Olympiad students participate in the 2-day International Mathematics Olympiad (IMO) organized remotely by Russia along with 622 students representing 114 countries.

The Excellence and Creativity Authority indicated in a statement today that the participating Syrian team includes secondary school students from Aleppo, Tartous, and Damascus.

The competitions, according to the authority’s statement, include two rounds of exams; each of which lasts for four and a half hours. The tests include a group of high-level questions in mathematics.  The technical measures required by the Olympic Organizing Committee in Russia have been taken, including filming a direct video of students as they submit the tests from the center assigned to them in Damascus.

This is the third international participation of the Syrian Scientific Olympiad for Mathematics team during the current year, as it had previously participated in the Asia-Pacific Olympiad for Mathematics, which was held remotely last March snd which won five bronze medals and five certificates of appreciation

The Syrian team also participated in the cyberspace competition for mathematics organized by the Mathematics Association in the United States of America last July, in which it won a bronze medal and a certificate of appreciation.


Inas Abdulakreem