Launching of data science camp, the first of its kind in Syria, to train children and adolescents

With the participation of 20 trainees, the Artificial Intelligence Club at the Syrian Computer Society for Informatics Lattakia branch, launched an IT camp, the first of its kind at the Syrian level, to train children and adolescents between the ages of 11 and 18 in Information technology and data science to help them acquire data analysis skills, which are considered one of the most important requirements for future labor market.

On this new experience, Eng. Maryam Jawdat Fayyoud, Head of the Syrian Computer Society, Lattakia Branch, reported about this training camp:

"This camp is considered the first of its kind in the quality of specialization and the age group targeted. Firstly, we chose data science, which is considered one of the most recent and most important domains of sciences in the world. The economies of the major developed countries depend on big data and various specializations, in this context the Artificial Intelligence Club was asked to set An educational training plan for these different concepts in a way that suits the second aspect that we adopted in the camp, which is the targeted  age group, here adolescents, based on our firm belief in the ability of adolescents to obtain these sciences and establishing pioneers in the future in this field."

Whereas, Head of the Artificial Intelligence Club, Eng. Hassan Diop, explained that data science is gaining greater importance every day, especially in our current era, with the advancement of new technologies such as machine learning, artificial intelligence and predictive analytics, in addition to that more than 90% of the data that humanity possesses has been generated in the last 5 years, This increased our need to deal with it, understand it and analyze it with a view to using it in solving problems we are facing.

Ayham Dalilah, a trainer and coordinator in the camp, indicated that the education of young age groups is a pioneering step for their ability to capture information and acquire skills, especially after the observation of the great flexibility shown by the participants in the previous session in terms of absorbing mathematical and scientific ideas that exceed their age, adding that the camp duration is 30 training hours, which can be doubled to ensure simplified information access.

The first stage of the camp will be to teach the trainees the "Python" language as an introduction to data science, and then we will move to the second stage, which includes data science, algorithms and real problems from real life and how to solve them, starting with collecting information until the final results.

Lama Razzouk