Digital Analysis for the Ancient Stone Buildings

Homs, (ST)- Due to the importance of archaeological buildings in Syria and the need for concerted efforts and exchange of experiences to protect and preserve them, the Heritage Committee of the Syrian Engineers Union, Homs Branch, in cooperation with Al-Baath University, organized a scientific day for constructionists entitled “Digital Modeling for the Analysis of Archaeological Stone Buildings and the Impact of Earthquakes and Fires on Stone Buildings” at the University's Faculty of Architecture.

Engineer Amer al-Siba'i, head of the Heritage Committee, stated that this activity aims to enhance the importance of our Syrian heritage, as part of it has been systematically destroyed and targeted by the fierce attack of the enemies of civilization, focusing on the extent of the destruction that affected the archaeological stone buildings during the terrorist war on Syria.

He called for activating cooperation between the Engineers Union and the universities in terms of exchanging experiences to transfer the up-to-date science to engineers wishing to find solutions to problems, as well as finding the correct treatment methods according to the condition of each building and making use of electronic programs to give quick and accurate solutions in strengthening the archaeological buildings.

Dr. Ammar Kaadan from the Qalamoun University  talked about theoretical and practical studies of digital modeling of a group of archaeological buildings in ancient Aleppo, indicating that the archaeological facilities are affected with the passage of time by natural external factors such as  heat, wind, water and earthquakes, or by special effects, like  unjust investment or systematic destruction as in wars, stressing that the necessary support and restoration of the damaged archaeological facilities needs data according to the available capabilities that can be applied to maintain the integrity of these archaeological installations, especially those which are affected, before strengthening and restoring them.

Engineer Zeki Al-Siba'i from the Engineers Union  in Aleppo reviewed the digital modeling of the Khan Hajj Mousa building in old Aleppo after it was exposed to fire and the method of strengthening the building in a scientific way  using modern electronic programs in studies and reaching good scientific and practical results.


Amal Farhat