33 scientific and research projects by students of the National Center for the Distinguished at the 11th Science Conference

With the participation of 198 male and female students who collaborated in presenting 33 scientific research projects in the basic scientific disciplines, the 11th scientific research conference was launched today at the National Center for the Distinguished. The Conference represents an important scientific station within the strategy of the Excellence and Creativity Authority in building generations distinguished in specialized sciences and creative in innovation.

 The two-day conference focuses on the sciences of “mathematics, physics, chemistry, informatics and biology,” according to Dr. Muthanna Al-Qubaili, Director of the National Center for the Distinguished, the conference aims at teaching students the basics of scientific research and work within a team. 

Al-Qubaili pointed out that the conference also aims to develop time management skills and the way of presenting the project before the competent arbitration committee by team members for each project within 15 minutes. The conference includes some huge scientific projects that take two years to complete.


Al-Qubaili stressed that, despite the quarantine period that was taken as part of the procedures to tackle the Corona virus, there was no educational loss at the Center, as educational rules were created through social media and as work on projects from home continued taking into consideration the compensation for the practical aspect after returning to the Center.

Third-grade student, Al-Hadi Zaidan, told SANA reporter about his team’s project, which is “the four-propeller plane to protect international borders,” reiterating that the project offers an integrated protection system through the ability to detect and classify the mobile component and send a message to the Center.  The team worked on the project by the beginning of the school year, but it stopped due the quarantine. The team will restart their work again and will be satisfied with the theoretical and programmatic side without currently reaching the practical application.

For his part, a “third secondary” student Yunus Shiha, presented with his six-people team how to extract precious metals such as gold, silver and platinum from secondary sources not from natural raw materials.

Student Hussam Ezzo, who won the bronze award at the Colmogrove conference for research articles in Russia, said that the project enables the production of precious metals by selective organic components that do not affect the environment and can be reused.

 Ezzo pointed out that the National Center of Distinguished  presented to students a different methodology in receiving information and acquiring it through searching for information away from indoctrination with the presence of the role of the professor as a supervisor and director to reach the optimal way of acquiring the information in addition to applying the information in a practical way through the existing laboratories, which gives the student practical experience parallel to theory in an atmosphere of teamwork.

The National Center for Distinguished, which was established in 2009 is considered one of the three departments of the Excellence and Creativity Authority in addition to the scientific Olympiad and academic programs. The Center takes care of distinguished students who have a basic education certificate through teaching and supervising them scientifically, psychologically, socially and educationally, and the Ministry of Education gives graduates of the center a certificate of excellence for the distinguished.

Inas Abdulkareem