Syrian Inventor Designs a Portable Respirator by Recycling Damaged Electric Motors

The scientific and technology communities  around the world are putting technology to work to find solutions that help mitigate the impact of  COVID-19 ,the global health crisis.

In an attempt to contribute to efforts exerted to tackle the coronavirus , the Syrian inventor Majed Brro  has invented  a model for a portable electronic  respirator  to treat patients with pulmonary insufficiency. 

 Brro made it clear in a statement to SANA  that the respirator  is characterized by its small size so that it can be moved between hospital rooms and health centers, in addition to the ease of placing it in the ambulance and the possibility of it being acquired by  patients to treat emergency situations at  their  homes.

The Syrian inventor pointed out that the  respirator , which weighs about 8 kilograms, was made by  recycling damaged electric motors and can be fed by alternating or continuous electric current in addition to providing it with a charging battery.  The design cost does not exceed SYP  50 thousand .

Brro   called his new invention "COVID 2020". He indicated  that the respirator  model is equipped with safety valves during air pumping and regulated the number of inhalation and exhalation according to the age of the patient.

He  added  that he submitted it to the Patent Office  at the Ministry of Internal Trade and Consumer Protection to be tested by the relevant authorities

It is noteworthy that Brro is from the countryside of Damascus and works as a teacher.  He got  a patent  last year for the educational  electronically speaking devise , “ Sham  Pro 1”. 

The Syrian inventor  participated in  Al-Bassel  Exhibition for Creativity and Invention in 2018 with the presentation of an electronic professional  educational laboratory “Sham Pro  2”  and was honored by the International Association for Creativity and Humanities  within The  top 100 Greatest  Characters competition for 2019…

Rawaa Ghanam