Syria's Ambassador to the Tehran University of Medical Sciences Jowel Makdisi

Jowel Makdisi is Syria's Ambassador to Tehran University of Medical Sciences (TUMS) As the Syrian woman has proven herself strongly inside her country in the most difficult conditions, she was also able to create a distinguished position for her on the international scene, as she works to convey the image of the struggling genuine Syrian people to every place in the world. Her love for her country dominates her heart, wherever she goes. Her goal is to convey the image of the homeland to the world, so that it can see Syria as it is, the land of civilization and love. Today, from Iran, Dentist Dr. Jowel Carlo Makdisi shows a model of the educated Syrian woman who, along with her scientific excellence in medicine, has proven herself to be the daughter of ancient genuine Syrian civilization. She introduced the Iranian and international community to Syria and its society, customs, traditions and folklore. She was indeed a good ambassador for her country, as she was granted the title of Syria's Ambassador to Tehran University of Medical Sciences (TUMS) by her university due to her many distinguished participations in international conferences in addition to the  exhibits  and festivals that were held in the name of Syria and her university.


To learn more about Dr. Makdisi's activities and achievements, the Syria Times e-newspaper has contacted her on line. She said: "During my university studies in Syria, which coincided with the unjust war against my country, I participated in many social and humanitarian activities and events in addition to setting up many financial and social support programs for the afflicted families and the families of the martyrs and the wounded. I was also responsible, along with a group of my colleagues, for the psychological support program that was aimed at girls who had been freed from kidnapping. In addition to the many cultural and artistic events and psychological support programs that were held for the children in the rural areas of Syria. We also participated in preparing and organizing the first group wedding in Lattakia governorate". Dr. Jowel went on to say: "It is true that I am now pursuing  my educational achievement abroad, but Syria still inhabits my soul and I feel the injustice that this country has been subjected to, therefore I am trying to do as much as I can to let the world know the reality of what is happening in my country and convey to them a truthful image of Syria, the cradle of civilization,  science and humanity. So I participated in many different activities that took place in Iran, where I represented Syria for 3 successive years in the "International Day" , which is a forum where students represent their countries from all over the world, including Europe, America, Africa, in addition to the countries of the Middle East". Through participating in this forum, she confirmed," the original Syrian identity and its ancient civilization were presented to the visiting students ambassadors and diplomats of different nationalities through what was displayed in the Syrian exhibit, including pictures of various tourist and archeological sites, traditional folkloric costumes and Arabic sweets.""I dream of a secure, peaceful and prosperous Syria, a country that endowed civilization and thought to all countries of the world, just as I have always believed in, a safe homeland that embraces its children with love, hope and safety". Jowel concluded. It is worth mentioning that Dr. Jowel  is a graduate of Tishreen University 2016 and she is now pursuing her specialization  in periodontal surgery and dental implants at the Tehran University of Medical Sciences. She participated in several workshops with professors from Italy and Germany, such as Professor Alessandro Rossi and Professor Zucchelli, in order to develop her medical skills in her field.She was the Syrian representative for the University of Tehran at the 66th WHO Regional Committee for the Eastern Mediterranean Regional Committee, 2019. In addition to her mother tongue, she fluently speaks Persian and English and French. She was honored by the First Lady in Damascus in 2013 for her humanitarian work with victims of kidnapping.  

Amal Farhat