The Student Research Team at Tishreen University completes sterilization corridor As part of their constant endeavor to provide their scientific expertise in the service of their country, "Wa'adna Wa wfina" (we promised and fulfilled), the research

As part of their constant endeavor to provide their scientific expertise in the service of their country, "Wa'adna Wa wfina"  (we promised and  fulfilled), the research student team at Tishreen University supported by the Engineers Union in Lattakia completed a multi-system sterilization tunnel, while another team has implemented an emergency breathing apparatus that has been approved by the governorate's health directorate to contribute to tackling the Coronavirus

The Syria Times e-newspaper quoted the team's creator, Dr. Carlo Makdisie as saying: "We are proudly fulfilled a protype of multi-system sterilization tunnel "Premium Edition", as I know. It includes all the characteristics of the cleaning, disinfection and sterilization system".


"It is as follows: Steam sterilization system, Alcohol spray sterilization system for human use, Serial spray - steam sterilization system with delay time (the spray system follows the steam cleaning and disinfection system by controlled time) , and a comprehensive joint system of the two systems (two in one). This work continued for three continuous weeks without interruption or sleep until it was completed, tried, tested and installed at the Syndicate of Engineers Syndicate in Lattakia", Dr. Makdisie added.

"We have accomplished the multiple system sterilization tunnel today in cooperation with the Engineers Union - Lattakia branch, within the framework of  its national epidemic project, entitled: "Together "against the pandemic."

"I am proud of my students, members of the research team who have accomplished this work, especially Rami Qassem and Ali Malook, who have proven that the Syrian engineer is as valiant as the soldier who fights enemies on the front. Both of them are fighting  dangers so that their country and their people live safely. We promise that our achievements will not stop." Dr. Makdisie concluded.

For his part, Dr. Haitham Asmar, head of the Medical Engineering Committee, spoke about the achievement he had made with his team of engineers, Basil Obeid and Ahmed Zubeidi, which is an ambulatory respirator.

  This achievement is characterized by the ability to run on electricity or on a battery. It is easy to carry and transport from one place to another in ambulances or while transporting the patient to the intensive care room.

The Syrian creativity process will not end simply because they are the sons of a nation that was and still is the cradle of Knowledge, Science and Humanity.

Interviewed by: Amal Farhat