Creative youth are the treasure of the homeland

Creativity never stops in Syria. It started with the emergence of civilization and  it will last as long as humanity lasts.

Syrians  always prove themselves  the role models in every field of science and the messengers of knowledge, culture and humanity all over the world.

Ahmad R. Juratli, a PhD student in Business Administration and Human Resources Development at Szent Istvan University in Hungary, is a young Syrian  who has proven remarkable success and excellence abroad.

He got a masters degree in "Economic Planning" in 2016 from the  Higher Institute of Planning, on the role of legislative and regulatory systems in improving the investment environment in Syria in the reconstruction phase.

 He received a European scholarship in Hungary to complete a PhD in Business Administration at Szent  Istvan University, on the role of electronic government in enhancing organizational activities in institutions, taking into account the Syrian institutions as a research sample and benefiting from the European experiences in this field.

Dr. Juratli has participated in many international conferences at the European Union level including Spain, Poland, Germany, Hungary, Greece, Bratislava, Lithuania , the Czech Republic and India.  His participating researches deal with a number  of important issues such as, management science and the strategic approach to institutional work, strategic management in promoting psychological stability for workers and the role of departments in supporting human resources.

The researcher has won several awards and international certificates, the last of which was the Excellence Award for Best Scientific Research, as part of his participation in the International Conference on Management Science and Technology, held last April in the German city of Hamburg.

Many of his scientific articles on modern management concepts and future visions of the available human resources for optimal employment, have been published in various international refereed journals.

It is worth noting that Dr. Ahmad Juratli was born in 1976. He graduated from the University of Aleppo, Faculty of Economics, Business Administration Department.


 Amal Farhat